Continuous Improvement

Think about the American businesses that have been around for more than a century. Now think about the few that are in the same line of business since their founding.

Since 1896, Duer/Carolina Coil has produced hot and cold wound springs to the most exacting requirements. How have we thrived and endured? We’ve proudly upheld the timeless principle instilled in us more than 120 years ago – the philosophy of continuous improvement.

We believe continuous improvement is not a program but a comprehensive way of doing business. We lead with questions, not answers. At Duer/Carolina Coil, we set goals and strategies based on scientific knowledge.

An Obsession with Quality

Customers expect Duer/Carolina Coil to provide real value. Lean manufacturing practices, such as Kaizen, are used to identify and develop solutions that drive operational improvement.

We use TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) to ensure accuracy and repeatability of our equipment. We employ VSM (Value Stream Mapping) to drive waste out of our system. We apply and enforce 5S and housekeeping criteria and visual control standards at all work stations. We effectively use the Kanban system for fast turnaround to replenish materials.

By analyzing, developing, implementing and standardizing manufacturing best practices across our network, Duer/Carolina Coil has seen a 31.5% improvement in production throughput over the past two years. Within three days, our coil springs go from “bar to box.” Working closely with customers, we are operating to a near make-to-consumption model.

Health and Safety

Our performance standards and metrics are designed with the quality of life of our employees in mind. To be an industry leader, we must also protect our best assets – our people.

Duer/Carolina Coil has cultivated a culture of safe behaviors within our facility. Our manufacturing process and fire safety programs are in compliance with local/state/federal OSHA requirements. The South Carolina Manufacturers Alliance, South Carolina OSHA and the South Carolina National Safety Council have recognized Duer/Carolina Coil for plant safety.

Duer/Carolina Coil is a proud member of the South Carolina Lean Alliance, a membership-based alliance of nearly 120 companies that work together to expand access to and understanding of lean principles. We also receive support, training and best practices from the Spring Manufacturers Institute and the Institute of Spring Technology.

Operational Excellence

Continuous improvement is a journey that never ends. At Duer/Carolina Coil, we have invested in highly skilled people, equipment and processes that provide the framework for sustainability. To learn more about our continuous improvement efforts, give us a call at 1-800-525-9067.