Our People

Dating back to 1896, Duer/Carolina has built a legacy of craftsmanship, production excellence and customer service. This same spirit is alive today at our manufacturing center in South Carolina.

our-ppl-smallAt the heart of the Duer/Carolina legacy are our people. Many bring decades of experience as craftsmen within our trade, often passed down from generations. Others come here with fresh minds, eager to apply new thinking to our processes. As a result, Duer is staffed with highly motivated, extraordinarily skilled workforce.

Each Duer/Carolina employee shares a passion for craftsmanship and a total commitment to customer success.

Today, Duer/Carolina Coil is driven by one of the world’s most technical manufacturing teams; process engineers on the cutting edge of innovation; mechanical engineers that understand the nuances of metallurgical properties; a procurement department dedicated to getting the best from our materials suppliers; sales and customer service personnel who listen to customer needs and ensure complete follow-through.