Quality Assurance

Every Duer/Carolina Coil spring comes with the assurance that it’s been engineered, fabricated and tested to meet or exceed performance requirements.

Duer/Carolina Coil Quality Assurance program

Our quality assurance program ensures that all our products are compliant with ISO 9001:2008, but we extend that level of quality to all aspects of our process. We proactively monitor and control both administrative and manufacturing processes from beginning to end.

The Quality Management System at Duer/Carolina Coil is based on processes that enable us to focus on Customer Satisfaction and drive the engine of Continuous Improvement. Compliant with ISO 9001:2008, our program demands all employees to:

  • Strive for flawless quality in their individual activity.
  • Understand their part in the process of chain of events that impacts our customer.
  • Provide suitable measurement information to assess the quality and performance of current processes.
  • Support the implementation of changes or improvements of individual activities or a chain of processes through criticism, establishing facts and contributing as a part of a team.

Our Quality Management System applies to all areas of operations at Duer/Carolina Coil.

 While other spring companies often deal with warehoused steel made by undisclosed producers, Duer/Carolina Coil has formed active partnerships with the industry’s most reputable steel manufacturers. This is critical to our quality. Every lot we receive is tracked and inspected for compliance to required specifications.

Our staff reviews all drawings and specifications to create unique, complete and sequential work instructions that meet the customer’s exact requirements.

Inspection: Duer/Carolina Coil also utilizes in-process inspection at each step of manufacturing to ensure product conformance and process capabilities, along with a final inspection. We have computerized load-testing equipment capable of testing loads from 50 pounds (23 kilograms) to 150,000 pounds (68,040 kilograms).

Continuous Improvement: 
Our management team monitors the performance of the Quality Management System and implements preventive actions and continuous improvement projects to enhance our performance. We encourage customer feedback as this is the truest indication of our performance and we use this customer feedback to focus our efforts on continuous improvement.