Raw Materials

It’s a fact: Over the course of millions of cycles, substandard steel will diminish the performance of industrial springs. At Duer/Carolina Coil, our relationships with the makers of high-grade raw materials go back for generations. So what’s the benefit to you? The assurance of meticulous consistency, better availability and fair pricing.

highest quality steelWhile other companies may cut corners by ordering warehoused steel from a variety of manufacturers, we are not willing to sacrifice quality. Regardless of the final application, every Duer/Carolina spring is engineered with the highest quality raw materials. No exceptions.

We’ve maintained ongoing relationships with our primary suppliers, which affords us a preferred stock position and uncompromising quality. These active partnerships help us offer you a quicker turnaround time and the assurance of performance that will exceed your specifications.

On top of that, our staff physically inspects received materials for compliance to the required specifications, and we track every bar from its origin, through the manufacturing process and into the field.

With such careful attention to detail and quality, you can count on your Duer/Carolina Coil engineered spring to perform flawlessly.