A More Sustainable Supply Chain

Duer/Carolina Coil believes the framework for a sustainable future must be aligned toward a common goal. We’ve retooled our operations to create one of the most advanced, customer-centric and reliable supply chains. The ripple effect of our make-to-consumption environment has led to stable forecasting of precision coil springs for customers worldwide.

Best-in-class companies have found “the more you buy the more you save” to be misleading. The perceived advantage of bulk discounts loses its value when there’s a lack of workflow balance. Material received in advance of customer demand sits in inventory, and every piece of inventory carries ordering, holding and administrative costs.

Our hot wound coil springs are developed from SBQ (Special Bar Quality) material. While the metals market, at times, has seen radical price fluctuations for sheet, plate, stainless and commodity grade bars, SBQ has remained stable.

Special bar quality material is often used in the manufacturing of components that require a superior surface. “SBQ” is generally used in the USA, while in Europe the term “engineering steels” is more common. The superior mechanical properties and defect-free surface of SBQ make it indispensable in the manufacture of components – often safety-critical components – that are in motion. Applications include suspensions for automobiles, off-highway vehicles and industrial capital equipment, plus some components for aerospace and oil drilling.


There are many costs associated with inventory, and some are more obvious than others. Bloated inventories can eat into profits and negatively affect cash flow.

While a spring may not go bad, one must consider new product developments. A coil spring’s design may be perfected by research and development. Mature parts may become more customized. Without supplying what is needed when it is needed, inventory can become obsolete.

This is why Duer/Carolina Coil works with customers on demand management, planning and scheduling. We take the initiative to learn all about their production plan and procurement of parts. As a result, our customers see a reduction in inventory, space requirements and in some cases, even labor costs.

Collaborative forecasting not only optimizes the flow of parts for our customers, it adds business value to Duer/Carolina Coil. In our constant pursuit to make our manufacturing processes leaner, we are seeing less congestion within our hot wound coil process. We’ve recorded faster changeover within our cells. With integrated customer data, excessive lead times have been reduced to near on demand.

As a supplier of precision coil springs, we believe there must be joint learning within the supply chain. Duer/Carolina Coil works with customer in the U.S. and internationally to develop data-driven production plans to maximize supply chain control.

Shipping Globally Everyday

Duer/Carolina Coil manufactures coil springs to the highest levels of precision for the most critical industrial applications in the world. Our 130,000-square-foot plant is within 15 minutes of the South Carolina Inland Port, providing direct rail access to the Port of Charleston. The Port of Savannah in Georgia is within a 4-hour drive our facility.

We ship to more than 25 countries across six continents. For more on our supply chain and our capabilities, call us at 1-800-525-9067.