Automotive Aftermarket

For years Duer/Carolina Coil has been a strategic partner within the automotive aftermarket, working with both the OEM aftermarket and the specialty equipment market on custom designed compression springs. Our engineers share your unique passion for designing compression springs that are not only extremely durable, but have a distinctive look for the auto restorer, car club member, on- and off-road racer, and classic car enthusiast.

Duer/Carolina Coil works collaboratively with Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers that seek to control chassis motion and keep tires firmly planted on the road. Our engineers have the ability to lead, and serve on, multi-disciplined project teams, and provide development engineers with prototypes that can be used for testing and analysis.

Bringing New Ideas to Life

IMG_46543-768x512No spring manufacturer has more proven experience in the automotive aftermarket than Duer/Carolina Coil. We can aid you in your designing of various types of springs, including single, dual and variable rate springs. We can help you piece together a high-performance suspension system or a new lift kit to bring to market, and help you determine the right specifications needed for the job.

Duer/Carolina Coil has its own design software solution for variable pitch coils from 0.25” to 3” bar diameters. Our continuous processing technique, state-of-the-art furnace technology and CNC coilers ensure precision rates and loads from one production run to the next. All our compression springs for the automotive aftermarket undergo rigorous in-process testing.

Duer/Carolina Coil has both paint and powder coating lines or they can provide springs without a coating for your own finishing process. Part identification is also available, including your company logo. All of our raw materials are purchased exclusively from qualified steel vendors so you can rest assure your aftermarket suspension springs are of dependable, consistent quality.

Custom Lift and Lowering Kits

In the lift market, our engineers are knowledgeable in off road applications that need extra articulation. In the lowering market, we can consult on cornering and braking, and how to ensure compression springs stay seated in perches even at full drop. For both domestic and foreign vehicles, we can help raise, lower, soften or firm up your ride. This includes:

• ATV Coil Springs
• Antique Replacement Coil Springs
• Classic Car Coil Springs
• Limousine Coil Springs
• Muscle Car Coil Springs
• Hot Rod Coil Springs
• Off Road Vehicle Coil Springs
• Racing/Performance Coil Springs
• Snowmobile Coil Springs
• Stock OEM

Beyond the specialty equipment market, Duer/Carolina Coil partners with severe-duty truck OEMs and suppliers of independent suspension systems. For more on coil springs for utility, fire and rescue, armored, security and defense vehicles, visit our Heavy-Duty Truck Springs page.

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