Heavy-Duty Truck Suspension Springs

Working directly with OEMs within the heavy-duty truck market and medium- and heavy-duty independent suspension system suppliers across the globe, Duer/Carolina Coil manufacturers the finest independent suspension springs for use in commercial, fire and emergency, and defense vehicles.

Fuel Consumption and Wear

While manufacturers are making advances in the rigid construction of severe-duty, all-wheel drive trucks to maximize payload capacity and service life, they are also seeking to enhance maneuverability both on- and off-highway. New independent suspensions are being designed to be lighter, contributing to saving fuel.

An independent suspension system with a quality spring can improve load distribution while hydraulic dampers are improving steering and handling. The result is less damage to the heavy-duty truck due to poor road conditions, or in some cases, maximum performance in harsh, unstable terrains.

To increase vehicle mobility and minimize the wear and tear on severe-duty truck suspensions, a dependable independent suspension spring is required to assure optimal performance.

Greater Ergonomic Value and Comfort

As OEMs seek to curtail vibration and jerk values by way of seat designs and driver back pads, they are discovering more can be accomplished through innovations in independent truck suspension. Improvements to suspension height, shock absorbers and single reduction axles can have a profound impact on driver fatigue and improve driving comfort.

The success of an independent suspension system, however, is predicated on the quality of the independent suspension spring. That’s why innovative OEMs and suppliers turn to Duer/Carolina Coil for quality hot wound coiled springs for various types of severe-duty vehicles:

• Aerial Work Platforms
• Concrete Mixers
• All-Terrain Vehicles
• Automated Mobile and Stationary Compactors
• Container Handling Equipment
• Dump Trucks
• Fire Fighting Vehicles
• Heavy Hauling Transporters
• Lifting Equipment
• Logging Trucks
• Logistics Vehicle System Replacement
• Towing & Recovery Equipment
• Medium Tactical Trucks
• Palletized Load Systems
• Roll-Off Trucks
• Snow Plows
• Utility Trucks
• Waste and Recycling Trucks

Expertly Engineered

At Duer/Carolina Coil, our team of highly trained engineers can aid you with your designs, including prototypes. All our independent suspension springs undergo a comprehensive engineering review and in-process testing, which can include Magnetic-Particle Inspection. Duer/Carolina Coil’s furnace, CNC coiling and quenching technologies are all state-of-the-art to ensure you are getting the very best independent suspension spring to handle the most severe environments.

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