Duer/Carolina Coil is a leading coil spring resource for suppliers to the petrochemical industry. We understand the need for durable and rugged springs required to stand up to the harsh environments and extreme temperatures. Compact and efficient, Duer/Carolina’s manufacturing processes are held to rigid testing standards, offering a more extensive range for your product.

Duer/Carolina Coil Petrochemical

Our state-of-the-art furnace technology and carefully controlled hot wound manufacturing processes guarantee consistency to the most stringent industry standards for reliability, consistent torque and long life. We also offer in-house automated powder coating and liquid paint lines with a wide selection of colors and finishes. We routinely collaborate with engineers to trouble-shoot and work with you to make your product even better.

Duer/Carolina Coil quality begins with the integrity of our steel suppliers. The result of a shared commitment to the manufacturing excellence and ethical business practices, these relationships have been at the foundation of the Duer reputation for generations. From these materials, to our never-ending commitment to improve our people, processes and machinery, Duer/Carolina Coil is a story of lasting partnership and continuous innovation.