Power Generation

The world’s leading industrial valve companies turn to Duer/Carolina Coil for long lasting, reliable control valve springs for applications within the power generation and oil and gas industries. From pressure management to opening and closing of inlets and outlets to a positive shut down in case of an emergency, rugged control valve springs play an important role in the efficiency and safety of coal-fired, oil- and natural gas-fired, nuclear and hydroelectric power plants.

Duer/Carolina Coil Valve Springs

Duer/Carolina Coil provides tailor-made solutions for a full range of manual control devices, actuators and other fluid technology within high pressure and high temperature environments:

• Automatic Air Valve Springs
• Ball Check Valve Springs
• Butterfly Valve Springs
• Changeover Valve Springs
• Check Valve Springs
• Cone Valve Springs
• Desupherheater Springs
• Diaphragm Valve Springs
• Gate Valve Springs
• Gate Valve Water Springs
• Hollow-Jet Discharge Valve Springs
• Knife Gate Valve Springs
• Non-Return Valve Springs
• Plug Valve Springs
• Plunger Valve Springs
• Pump Safety Valve Springs
• Quarter-Turn Operator Springs
• Recoil Valve Springs
• Multi-Turn Operator Springs
• Pneumatic Actuator Springs

Maximize Performance and Safety with Duer Carolina Valve Springs

Duer/Carolina Coil’s state-of-the-art furnace technology and carefully controlled hot wound manufacturing processes guarantee consistency to the most stringent industry standards in fluid control applications. We offer Magnetic–Particle Inspection and in-processing testing. We also have our own in house paint and powder coating systems.

Duer/Carolina Coil’s engineers routinely collaborate with valve engineers to trouble-shoot and design springs for your control valves, operating pumps, actuators and other fluid control equipment. Our team can provide butterfly valve springs, plunger valve springs and control valve springs to ensure long-term, cost effective performance and safety of cooling systems, pumping stations and power plants.

We develop our products with a deep understanding of the taxing conditions in which your product must perform. And that means hardwearing springs to keep your heavy-duty valves operating at optimal performance levels.

When the power and petroleum industry needs durable and reliable control valve springs, they turn to Duer/Carolina Coil as their trusted manufacturer.

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