Undercarriage Springs

tracks-1-300x200Duer/Carolina Coil is a global leader in undercarriage technologies, such as idler recoil springs, inner recoil springs and outer recoil springs for track adjusters, track frames and spring assemblies. Durable undercarriage parts and components lower operating cost and increase undercarriage life.

When the undercarriage track is too tight, you run the risk of wearing out your sleeve bearings, internal joints, track bushings and sprockets, and other undercarriage hardware. Consider all the components that make up a track adjuster assembly, and you’ll find there’s a lot riding on spring performance.

Maintaining the undercarriage of earthmoving machinery and farm equipment represents as much as 50% of maintenance costs. Idler recoil springs and inner recoil springs manufactured by Duer/Carolina Coil can maximize the life of your machinery working in some of the most demanding work environments.

Precision Design

Working directly with OEMs and their suppliers, Duer/Carolina Coil is a preferred supplier of undercarriage stabilization systems within the agriculture, forestry, mining and road construction industries. We achieve this by using the highest quality steel for all our spring undercarriage parts. We maintain a well-ordered supply of raw materials, and our steel vendors offer next-day delivery.

bar-coilOur state-of-the-art furnace technology and continuous manufacturing process results in optimum metallurgical integrity. We offer Magnetic-Particle Inspection, in-house paint and powder coating, stamping/tagging and in-processing testing.

Duer/Carolina Coil’s engineers can assist with the design, development and prototyping of coil springs that meet the compression, tension and torsion standards for 5-roller, 6-roller and 7-roller track frames. Our team can provide track tensioner springs within a conventional undercarriage assembly to a more high performance design, including new crawler equipment that use center tread idlers or automatic track tensioning systems.

Ready to Reduce Idler Maintenance?

Begin building value by using a consisted, reliable spring in idler guide, recoil and adjuster assembly, spring assembly, track frame and track adjuster applications. Duer/Carolina Coil undercarriage spring components can maximize the working life of:

• Crawling Tractors
• Hydraulic Excavators
• Multi-Terrain Loaders
• Material Handlers
• Bulldozers
• Dozers
• Skid Steers
• Track Loaders
• Harvesters
• Track Hoes
• Feller Bunchers
• Track Skidders
• Track Pavers
• Compact Track Loaders

In this highly competitive marketplace, world-renowned equipment OEMs and manufacturers of undercarriage parts are looking for ways to improve performance. By partnering with Duer/Carolina Coil they get a critical component to highly complex devices.

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