For decades, Duer/Carolina Coil has provided the technical and production capacity to meet the stringent requirements of the leading manufacturers of spring-return actuators that control the flow of the world’s fluids and gases.

Duer/Carolina Coil’s state-of-the-art furnace technology and carefully controlled hot wound manufacturing processes guarantee consistency to the most stringent industry standards for reliability, consistent torque and long life. As one of the world’s leading producers of engineered springs for the power and petroleum industry, Duer/Carolina Coil brings an experienced development team to your project. We routinely collaborate with engineers to trouble-shoot and recommend enhancements to help you make your product even better.

Our quality begins with the integrity of our steel suppliers. These relationships have been at the foundation of the Duer/Carolina Coil's reputation for generations. From these materials, to our never-ending commitment to improve our people, processes and machinery, Duer/Carolina Coil is a story of lasting partnership and continuous innovation.

Manufacturing Expertise

Duer/Carolina Coil holds rates and loads to more demanding tolerances than industry standards, giving you more consistent torque in your valve actuators.

We remove residual stress from the springs to reduce load loss after assembly in the canister. This results in a more consistent torque and reliability, over millions of cycles.

By controlling and monitoring our manufacturing processes, Duer/Carolina Coil maintains maximum material surface integrity, which leads to longer spring cycle life. This can be verified in our house Magnetic Particle Inspection.