When it comes to spring-loaded valves, you need reliable and durable coil springs that offer consistent load. Duer/Carolina Coil has the expertise and skills to help you create a spring that will meet your every specification.

Duer/Carolina Coil Valves

All Duer/Carolina Coil springs are held to stringent standards so they stand up to the harsh conditions involved with controlling various gases and fluids.

We understand that repeated cycles can affect the consistency and reliability of your valve’s torque, which is why we remove set from the spring and hold our rates and loads to more demanding tolerances than industry standards. This ensures you have a failsafe product with an extensive range.

Duer/Carolina Coil quality begins with the integrity of our steel suppliers. The result of a shared commitment to the manufacturing excellence and ethical business practices, these relationships have been at the foundation of our reputation for generations. From these materials, to our never-ending commitment to improve our people, processes and machinery, Duer/Carolina Coil is a story of lasting partnership and continuous innovation.

Manufacturing Expertise

Duer/Carolina Coil holds rates and loads to more demanding tolerances than industry standards, giving you more consistent torque.

We remove set from the springs to prevent load loss from occurring after assembly in the canister. This results in a more consistent torque and reliability, over millions of cycles.

By controlling and monitoring our manufacturing processes, Duer/Carolina Coil maintains maximum material integrity, which leads to longer spring cycle life. Surface finish can be verified through our in house Magnetic Particle inspection.